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Just as the NBA season was set to kick off last fall, ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith went on record stating that he had been told that Oklahoma City Thunder star forward Kevin Durant would be leaving the team at the end of the year to join the Los Angeles Lakers. KD refuted the claims, which led to Smith calling him out on air. Fast forward a few months and he is at it again, this time with Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook.

While speaking with ESPN 710’s Mason and Ireland, Smith shared that Westbrook would bolt for the Lakers. Citing his sources, he declared that the guard would make the move with the knowledge that KD would be there as well.

one of the biggest reasons I’m told, that Kevin Durant may have the Lakers at the top of his list, is because the Lakers have been led to believe, by whom specifically I do not know, but the Lakers have been led to believe that it is a very good chance that the following year Russell Westbrook is coming.

Though they are not normally mentioned amongst the best teams in the league, being overshadowed by Warriors, Spurs and Cavaliers, the Thunder are not to be taken lightly, sitting at a 36-13 record. With an ever evolving bench, the franchise is certainly a contender. As Westbrook becomes a free agent in 2017, time will only tell at this point.