Robin Lopez Slaps Chris Paul Twice, Gets Ejected

The Knicks have been playing decent basketball of late, and being in playoff contention a year after earning a draft lottery pick is a sizable feat. Still, they’re a ways from being a contender like the Clippers are, and so last night’s match-up was a bit one-sided. The basketball game part of it at least.

Towards the end of a play, Knicks center Robin Lopez got a bit tangled up with Clippers guard Chris Paul under the hoop, and it didn’t end well. Lopez lashed out at Paul, appearing to slap him once–he could’ve argued that it was an inadvertent flail–before following that with something that resembled a punch (or a slap) with his right hand, leading Paul’s teammate, DeAndre Jordan, to immediately rush to his defense. Players from both teams subsequently had to be restrained by refs, and Lopez was sent to the showers early.

His absence however likely had little impact on the outcome of the game. The Clippers won 116-88.