Flashback Friday: Wiz Khalifa in ‘Uncovered’ with The Source Magazine


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Wiz Khalifa rose out of a crop of internet stars in 2010 and became the biggest one, practically breaking the internet with the release of his Kush & OJ mixtape and developing a cult fan-base made up of Chuck Taylor and camouflage short-wearing weed enthusiasts. They would eventually help his debut album’s lead single, “Black & Yellow,” peak in the #1 spot on the Billboard 100, launching Khalifa to national stardom, but first, he appeared on the cover of our 2010 Rookie/Man of the Year issue, donning his then-signature blonde patch and the confidence of someone who knew he was about to blow.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 1.53.04 PM

Above you’ll find some behind-the-scenes footage of Khalifa’s cover shoot, where he throws a bit of a party all by himself, dances his way through the photographer’s sets, and of course has his Pittsburgh Pirates fitted constantly within arms reach.