Since his 2011 MVP season, Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has missed 212 games over the past four seasons due to three knee surgeries, a fractured left orbital bone in his face and several other knick-knack injuries.

Although Rose is still trying to regain his form, odds are the return of his MVP play probably wont come until the 2016-17 season. Rose appears to respect the process and uses patience as a virtue.

From the Chicago Tribune:


“This is all part of the process,” Rose said. “Coming into the season, I was just trying to play as many games as possible. Next year, that’s when I throw in my individual goals.”

It appears Rose has a greater appreciation for health and is speaking like a veteran who understands the rigors and grind of an NBA season. This is good—a veteran mind state makes all the difference.

“But it’s all about getting a solid season under my belt, playing hard in the playoffs, whenever we get there, and along the way just being smart and really taking care of my body and pushing my teammates to be better.”

Although many fans and basketball pundits may have wrote off Rose, only time will tell if Rose can return to the player of old. If so, it will bring another exciting element to the NBA.