In side-eye news of the day, two Waffle House employees were fired for slaying hair in the restaurant’s kitchen last week.

Antonio Robinson videotaped two Forrest City, Arkansas employees dip one of their hair in a pot of hot water, next to where food was being prepared, and drying it off with a towel. His dining partner, who was coughing non-stop, was pulling long strings of hair out of his mouth  while eating his meal at the southern breakfast spot.

A Waffle House spokesperson responded to the video, confirming the employees termination in a statement to WREG:

“We were made aware of this via a Facebook Private message this morning. We immediately reached out to the local management team. After identifying the parties involved, they were immediately terminated. The health department has been out to the restaurant for an inspection which it passed, and they have closed the case.

We do not tolerate these behaviors and strive to provide a clean, safe environment for all our customers.”

Despite the horrendous act, the restaurant passed the health inspection on Tuesday, according to WREG, with a special note to clean the floors under the kitchen equipment.