is (rightfully) riding the Stephen Curry wave, putting him as the fourth greatest point guard of all time in their most recent list:

1. Magic Johnson – Los Angeles Lakers (1979-91, 1995-96)
2. Oscar Robertson – Cincinnati Royals (1960-70), Milwaukee Bucks (1970-74)
3. John Stockton – Detroit Pistons (1981-94)
4. Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors (2009-present)
5. Isiah Thomas – Detroit Pistons (1981-94)
6. Chris Paul – New Orleans Hornets (2005-11), Los Angeles Clippers, (2011-present)
7. Steve Nash – Phoenix Suns (1996-98, 2004-12), Dallas Mavericks (1998-2004), Los Angeles Lakers (2012-15)
8. Jason Kidd – Dallas Mavericks (1994-96, 2008-12), Phoenix Suns (1996-2001), New Jersey Nets (2001-08), New York Knicks (2012-13)
9. Walt Frazier – New York Knicks (1967-1977), Cleveland Cavaliers (1977-1980)
10. Bob Cousy – Boston Celtics (1950-1963), Cincinnati Royals (1969-70)

To some, that’s a remarkable achievement for the Golden State Warriors point guard. To others, such as the king of point guards (according to the list) Magic Johnson, Curry isn’t there yet.

The good news is Magic isn’t having obvious sour grapes and just singling out his issue with Curry being over six others—he went on to explain his reasoning.

That was and still is a remarkable feat for Thomas. It’s a good chance Magic just doesn’t want to become a prisoner of the moment. For some, he’s being objective but then again, others could say he’s slighting Curry. Only Magic can tell it.