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What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Completely over the moon as they thank their lucky stars for a stellar set of circumstances, Travis Scott and The Weeknd both manage to find everlasting joy on the mutually jubilant “Wonderful,” one of two new tracks from La Flame along with “A-Team” that sent fans into a frenzy Wednesday night.

Happy as clams, the carefree collaborators see the world as their oyster and have no reason to throw salt as a result. Of course we all know the benefits of making lemonade when life hands us lemons, but the pair’s already pleased as punch to begin with, viewing life through rose-colored glasses as they proceed to paint the town red and spread holiday cheer.

Having previously joined forces on “Pray 4 Love” off Travis’ debut album Rodeo prior to venturing across North America on “The Madness” fall tour, the high-spirited artists are no strangers to experiencing seventh heaven together, and continue to count their blessings accordingly.