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When Kevin Durant first came into the league, he was pegged as a nice guy. A prolific player that didn’t ruffle too many feathers. That isn’t true anymore.

Since the 2012 Finals, Durant has been engaged in light feuds with Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Brendan Haywood and more, and his comments in the media have been less veiled. Last night, the Thunder played the Clippers in L.A., but before the game, Durant was asked about the “Hack-A-Player” strategy, which has grown increasingly popular late in games against teams that have players that shoot terrible percentages from the free-throw line. Naturally, the reporter was alluding to the possibility of the Thunder employing the strategy late in last night’s game, presuming DeAndre Jordan–who shoots a miserable and borderline embarrassing 39% from the line–would be on the floor. Durant’s response? Pretty logical.


Truer words have never been spoken.