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The Warriors winning games isn’t news anymore, they’re on pace to win more games in a single season than any other team in NBA history, but last night was significant for a couple reasons. For the first time ever, a team is 16-0 to start an NBA season, and that team is the Golden State Warriors.

They did away with the Lakers at home 111-77 to make history, and in the process, Kobe Bryant, one of the all-time greats and a man who is surely in his last go-round as a pro, looked very, very bad. The 5-time champ and sure-to-be instant Hall of Famer scored just 4 points on 1-of-14 shooting. In the meantime, Stephen Curry was doing very Stephen Curry things, like making the Lakers leading scorer, Jordan Clarkson, stumble half the distance of the court after being hit with a behind-the-back crossover.


Or freezing Lou Williams–who had every intention to play some defense–with a devastatingly quick stutter step move.

Unbelievable. It isn’t crazy to think that the Warriors won’t lose for a while. Their next four games are against the Suns, Kings, Jazz and Hornets. Only one of those teams is above .500. This thing could be 20-0 before we know it.