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Disney released The Little Mermaid back in 1989, and has subsequently lead to the release of a sequel and prequel, a television series, a Broadway play, and more. The film which was based on Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen‘s 1837 fairytale of the same name, will now receive a live-action reimagining, and Chloe Moretz will be the leading lady.

Moretz most notably played “Hit Girl” in the film Kick Ass and its sequel Kick Ass 2, as well as the 2013 remake of the cult-classic horror film, Carrie. As of now it is unclear whether Moretz will play the role of “Ariel” from the Disney adapation or if Richard Curtis (Love Actually), who’s penning the script, will birth a new character based on Andersen’s original fairytale character.

Universal has yet to enlist a director for the film, but reports say casting Moretz was a way to hopefully lure a big name to the director’s chair.

Check back as new information rolls out.