King James with another one! 


Incase you missed the big achievement by King James, we will let you know what milestone the king has once again set. Nike Basketball celebrates LeBron James reaching the 25,000-point mark with the limited-edition NIKEiD LEBRON 13 25K shoe. He is the youngest player to reach that milestone in NBA history. So folks there you have it, King James is still the man and the best player in the NBA currently.

The NIKEiD LEBRON 13 25K carries a custom graphic inspired by James’s professional journey that brings his story to life via the following elements:

Lion representing the spirit animal for victory

Carnations and orange blossoms symbolizing birth and growth with native flowers from where James has played

Dolomite stone, which can be found throughout Ohio

Industrial smoke referencing the state’s industrious, hardworking spirit

Light bands for the positivity and energy generated from family, friends and teammates

The NIKEiD LEBRON 13 25K shoe is available globally now for aLIMITED TIME at NIKEiD, timed with James’s scoring milestone. 




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