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Is there nothing Sandra can’t do?

“Our Brand is Crisis,” starring Academy Award Winner Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton, is a satirical comedy about a Bolivian presidential candidate who is falling extremely behind in the polls and how he enlists the advice of an elite group of American campaign managers, the head of such group is the brilliant strategist, Jane Bodane (Bullock), to help him win the presidency.  It isn’t until shortly after that things become very personal for Jane when she is put up against the man that has consistently beaten her in every campaign she has run, Pat Candy (Thornton), and Jane does everything in her power to make sure that this campaign is the one where she gets her revenge.  “Our Brand is Crisis” is not only a satirical comedy about the political campaign process but is also a movie that reveals the cynical and personal battles that take place between political consultants during campaigns in their attempt to make sure that they come out on top.

“Our Brand is Crisis” is an interesting movie to say the least.  There are quite a few laughs.  The majority of the jokes land well and the cast does well to help deliver the jokes.  Bullock brings her A game in this movie and this sort of dark comedy genre is nothing foreign for her which is why she excels in playing this somewhat neurotic, yet genuine character.  What is especially endearing about this movie though is that there isn’t any major character that you find yourself rooting for.  Every character shows their inner demons and this movie does a great job in showcasing political campaigns for what they are in that nothing is ever black or white.  There seems to be a path and a certain message that this movie was going for and it kept true to that path which is how this movie is something that will leave a lasting impression on its viewers


All in all, “Our Brand is Crisis” is a great movie to watch and go check out.  Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton do a marvelous job with their characters and the storyline is so intriguing that you will never find yourself getting bored.  This film hits theaters on October 30, 2015.