Extra Butter continues their legacy as being one of the largest sneaker boutiques in NYC and in the world, Sept 12th they will be releasing their highly anticipated “Vanguard Collection” with adidas Originals worldwide which features a ZX Flux model and ZX Trail model that represent significant stories within the company we got  a chance to catch up with Jason Faustino, co-founder and creative director at Extra Butter gives us a few details before the official release, to find out what each shoe represents read up on the full interview below.




The Source: Introduce yourself?

Jason Faustino: Hi, my name is Jason Faustino I am one of the co-owners and creative director at Extra Butter.


The Source: How did you guys start up the boutique?

Jason Faustino: So I started Extra Butter In Long Island Rockville Centre that was the first location we opened in August 2007. The way it got started actually is I was working for Redheart footwear in 2005 or 2006 it was a mom and pop sneaker store out in Long Island instead of going to get my masters degree in sociology I studied for Grad School working at Red heart at a sneaker store and I was working for the owner’s of Red Heart and I learned the business from A to Z basically through them. I always had aspirations to want to do my own sneaker boutique in use of my creativity and art influences and stuff like that and we came up with the idea of doing a sneaker and clothing boutique under the theme inspired by movies.


The Source: What was you guys goal with Extra Butter what did you want to accomplish?

Jason Faustino: What Extra butter wanted to accomplish by becoming a sneaker boutique was adding a lot of fun and creativity into it’s work we liked the sneaker boutiques that existed at the time in the mid 200’s but we liked them mostly for their product and some of the stores were cool and all but some of them also had a colder tougher environment and we took what we’ve been doing in the family footwear environment and being like a very warm community oriented like very just open and embracing of the customer we took that practice and applied it to the boutique settings so we also wanted Long Island and Rockville Centre where we opened our first location their was no real sneaker boutiques at the time that were offering some of the select and limited edition retro product that we do, so we wanted to bring that to the market, out there.


The Source: What is the difference in Extra Butter Now compared to when you guys first opened?

Jason Faustino: The biggest difference I would say is just the growth. There was days when we first opened it was just 2 or 3 of us working and now were like 17 deep and our website, were a global brand now before I think it felt like we were just a local sneaker store but we always had aspirations to get to this point I just didn’t know how soon and not soon we would get there to be a global brand website that ships products all around the world our own products we see being ordered in all different countries social media just changed our whole world we were putting out messages on myspace and seeing reaction to that compared to now one instagram photo we have over 100 thousand followers it’s just completely changed it in the past year or so ever since we opened our second location which is in the Lower East Side New York City that’s been open since october 2013 we’ve received like a lot of awesome accolades and awards like Complex just listed us Top 10 sneaker stores in New York City last year they did Top 15 sneaker stores in the world and we were apart of that as well so different signs of recognition like that have just completely changed where we are today compared to where we first started.




The Source: You guys have a collection dropping with Adidas Originals, can you give me a few details on that?

Jason Faustino: Sure. The collection were dropping with adidas originals is called the “Vanguard Collection” vanguard meaning you know a lot of people associate vanguard with the MTV award that people give out but it really is to honor people that are pioneering and exploring and breaking new boundaries in their industry and we’ve kinda created two characters with each of the shoes the ZX Flux were calling the chief Diver and the ZX Trail were calling the scout leader and basically each shoe represents a character that is a Vanguard in their field the ZX Flux chief Diver represents someone that is on the forefront of exploring the ocean life and were is the ZX trail the scout leader is someone that’s on the forefront of exploring the outdoors and nature and anyone knows with Extra Butter because of our Film theme Extra butter’s name is inspired by a old new york slang describing things as butter that were really premium and we also have a strong movie heritage and some blogs were able to catch on that these shoes are also inspired by favorite films of ours.






The Source: What Made you guys want to us the ZX Flux model?

Jason Faustino: The ZX Flux model the way that came about this project is something we’ve been working on for about 4 or 5 years actually it just took a lot of time to get it where it to where it is with just changes within our company and adidas and just the natural back and forth of production, design marketing plans all that stuff but originally when we wanted to do this project me and Bernie gross who’s my co- creative director of the designer we wanted to work with the ZX 8000 which is one of our favorite adidas running shoes and one of their classic staple heritage shoes and over time we saw that the flux was coming out which was very similar and it shared a lot of pieces and design elements of the ZX 8000 so are Flux is a little bit different than everyone else’s it incorporates  a lot of the lines design work and line aesthetics that the ZX 8000 does but because our ZX Flux is on their neoprene upper to drive on the ocean inspiration because that’s what divers use as their materials with for their wet suits the lines like they act as tape scenes so it’s like a really cool upper as opposed to a traditional sewn on overlays on the shoe it’s like fused onto the flux to make it look like the ZX 8000.







The Source: How is this collaborations similar to some of you guy’s previous collaborations?

Jason Faustino: You know it’s similar to are previous collabs because we always tell like a pretty multi story with every collab project we’ve done except one they’ve been a multi shoe concept because were really strong at telling a story that has various layers to it and it can be centered around more than one concept so that usually results in more than one shoe coming out because we tend to have so many ideas that come to life when were wanting to tell a story and then they end up looking good in our design and strong enough that we realize we want to tell this in a deeper story than one shoe but all of them have Extra Butters signature personality in it which is a story that goes beyond it’s initial like perception theres always deeper elements hidden into it and deeper layers of the story theres always a personal connection to Me and Bernie and the rest of the staff like we wouldn’t push out a story if our staff wasn’t really feeling it and stuff that we’ve already bonded as friends like inside and out of work throughout our days like you realize certain films when we did space race the love with space was something we all connect on and the other thing that I think we do a really good job of that isn’t told enough is that all the projects we work on have some kind of tied back to the brands themselves  you know like, if it is inspired by the films if they go back and look at certain films they would realize that adidas product or asics product reebok product was actually worn in those movies and that’s why we chose that company to work with on these projects so it does a great job of telling our own film story with a little bit of the brands like they have little cameos and were highlighting that of  a special moment.


adidas_ZXPack_ZXFlux_Detail2_LoRes1 (1)


The Source: When is the collection release and do you feel everyone will be pleased with the final product?

Jason Faustino: Yeah the collection releases saturday sept 12th online and in-store it will be your first chance to really get the product without having to play our scavenger hunt games we were doing last week. Last week when we launched it we had scavengers hunts in Central park and Hempstead Lake Park where customers got to find us through photos on instagram and each customer that did find us received a special survival kit that goes along with the theme of each shoe a waterproof case or rut sack for the ZX trails waterproof case for the ZX Flux each had different survival tools like Extra Butter flashlight towel blanket binoculars glow sticks field notes all little accessories that made the scavenger hunts and in-store purchase experience very special but the general release will be on saturday sept 12th and I think the response is going to be awesome you know a lot of people are hype on it through instagram but once you see the product in person you just see the quality really is there the colors look amazing in person and the shoe turns people head once it get’s on foot and with the ZX Flux people never really seen a Flux like that before with all those new lines and tape seams and the glow in the dark really stands out once you get to mess with it in person and as far as the ZX Trails I think people are going crazy because of the patchwork detail and just the fact that there’s a trail shoe that is hitting the market in a exciting way as opposed to you know like the market is pretty saturated with running shoes, so were excited to bring something a little bit different with the trail to the table.


The ZX Flux ($130)

The ZX Trail Mid ($140)



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