Nail polish, paint, or varnish… Whatever you like to call it, it’s a core part of most of our beauty regimes. If you love to match your polish with each outfit or just love they way they look all glammed up in your selfies, then like me, you’re always on the lookout for new brands or shades.

Here are a few brands from across the pond in the UK to primp up your summer collection!


Nails Inc.


I discovered my love for Nails Inc. hunting for nail polish on eBay one day.  A small 10ml bottle arrived as part of a bundle of polish I’d purchased, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. You will too!

Nails Inc. is quintessentially British. So much so, that every single bottle/shade is whimsically named after iconic places around London Town. Lily Road, Regent Park, Notting Hill Carnival and Piccadilly Circus are all glorious shades.

Nails Inc. is my guilty pleasure brand. A single bottle can set you back about $20, but the finish is flawless and you’d be hard pressed not to find a shade you dig. They frequently run specials on their website, slashing some items by 75% at times, so be sure to sign up to their mailing list so you don’t miss out on a super sale!



Rococo Nail Apparel


A family business, Rococo Nail Apparel was started by two sisters, Ange and Vernice Walker. Out of all of the brands, this varnish is slightly more difficult to get your hands on. You wont find this brand waltzing through your local mall.  Very few distributors have the fortune of stocking Rococo, but if you do somehow manage to get your hands on a bottle, you won’t look back!

The bottles are tall and rather unassuming looking. To be honest, they don’t scream to be bought, unlike some of the others and you are looking at spending around $16-17 a pop. Rococo is so highly regarded; designers often use it at London Fashion week on their beloved models so you’re in good hands here.

Try their Snob Crème varnish from the Powder Room collection.





Ciaté London has been around since 2009, founded by Clare Knight, a well-respected figure in the fashion industry.

They come in adorable rectangular bottles donning the logo. The bottles are sometimes kitted out with a tiny, black ribbon tied around its neck and with cool names like, 3am Girl, Boudoir and Cocktail Dress, the labels serve as mini hints at where and when you should be wearing a particular color if you’re not a natural born Fashionista (which I am not).

A 13.5ml bottle will run you about $15. But, if you’re a bargain seeker like me, head to the site and grab one of the sale bottles, which are often slashed by 50%.



Barry M


Founded in London in 1982, Barry M is now the leading color cosmetics company in Britain.  They aren’t just a nail care brand; they do offer a wide range of beauty products from lipsticks to eye shadow and foundation.

They offer an extensive palate of nail paints from the conservative classic styles to the jazziest, funkiest of colors. Spending time at the Barry M section of the pharmacy (mainly Superdrug by me), is my idea of bliss. I’ve lost countless hours mulling over new colors and they always have cool specials running i.e. Buy Two, Get One Free (which almost always means that I need to get myself at least six bottles!). If you have an unsteady hand (as I do) Barry M brushes are perfect for you because they are quite slender, making it easy to get right around the edges while avoiding huge gloopy drops of paint dripping all over the place.

Try their Gelly Hi Shine gives you a wonderful, think coat of polish with a rich shine.  The Speedy Quick Dry takes just seconds to dry so you can literally paint and go! Sparkly, glittery paints. Two-tone paints. You name it, it’s here and at a bargain of a price.

Barry M is absolutely my fav polish when I’m on a tight budget. Costing anything from a couple of pounds (roughly $4 and up). Barry M products are cruelty free, so they don’t test them out on lil’ Bambi or Thumper!

-Ayara Pommells (@YahYahNah)