Check out the “A Dream Preferred,” available for streaming now!

Directed by Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing, “A Dream Preferred” is a documentary which focuses on Devon Brown and Baltimore’s Taharka Brothers Ice Cream. These brothers strive for social change through their “Food for Thought” ice cream trucks which help raise social awareness as well as produce delicious ice cream. The Taharka Brothers are entrepreneurs trying to get their business off the ground by doing the impossible, raising $28,000 in 29 days. Watch as their perseverance and hard work help transform and inspire a community. Co-produced by Tribeca Digital Studios and American Express, “A Dream Preferred” debuted on July 15th and is available on various cable on-demand platforms. Nancy Smith, VP of Digital Brand and Social Media Development said, “Small business continues to be a key growth engine for the US economy, and American Express wants to ensure their issues are front and center.” You can check out the documentary here.

-Nishat Baig