The Cause & Knowledge is an East Coast collaborative Hip Hop group, comprised of two visionary artists who give listeners a unique experience that is uncommonly found in the music world to date. They not only convey sounds that capture the ear but provide visuals that stimulate the mind. Their approach to Hip Hop is different in the way that their lyrics are timeless, revered, and relatable to any person, no matter the situation. They use their words to open peoples perceptions on life, bringing them to this higher level of consciousness and what they often refer to as “New Jupiter”.

These guys have been on the grind for a minute, and have indeed gained great exposure.  Still residing in New Jersey, The Cause & Knowledge are determined to continuously drop quality music along with dope visuals for their current album, Discovery.  Be sure to check for them on the following social media outlets:






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  1. Jay

    Video dope , these the next big thing out of jersey