At 12:01 this morning, NBA General Mangers began to try to check off their respective Christmas lists by picking up the best free agents money can buy. There have already have been massive contracts signed, like the Pelicans’ Anthony Davis 5 years/145 million, Portland’s Damian Lillard getting snatched back up for 5 years/120 million, and Miami’s Goran Dragic keeping his talents in South Beach for 5 years/90 million.

None of those deals are particularly surprising–though $120 million seems like a lot for Lillard, but what do we know?–but they’ll certainly help all teams involved continue their quest for playoff dominance. The remaining free agent bunch features a fascinating field of game-changers, like LaMarcus AldridgeMarc Gasol, and DeAndre Jordan just to name a few.

They all have meetings with various teams, and it’s time to see where the chips fall. We’ll continually update this page as things happen.

Kevin Love
2014-2015 Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
New Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
Contract: 5 years, $110 million

A move that makes sense for both sides. If LeBron isn’t going to burn out and get frustrated with the Cavs for the second time in his career, he’s going to need some significant supporting acts, and Love, who averaged 16 points and 10 rebounds in 75 games for Cleveland last season, is one of them.

Mike Dunleavy Jr.
2014-2015 Team: Chicago Bulls
New Team: Chicago Bulls
Contract: 3 years, 14.4 million

Dunleavy Jr. won’t make or break the Bulls scheme to get over the Hawks/Cavs hump and get to the NBA Finals, but he’s definitely a good asset to have. Dunleavy Jr. shot 40% from behind the arc last year, averaging 10 points, and caught fire in the playoffs giving the Bulls some much needed scoring off the bench. Good move as the Bulls move into the post-Thibs era.

Thaddeus Young
2014-2015 Team: Minnesota Timberwolves/Brooklyn Nets
New Team: Brooklyn Nets
Contract: 4 years, 50 million

The Nets are in dire need of some athleticism, and Young gives them that. He isn’t a huge offensive threat–he averaged 14 points per game last year–but he’s a reliable 2-way player that will perfectly compliment Brook Lopez in the low-pot.

Brook Lopez
2014-2015 Team: Brooklyn Nets
New Team: Brooklyn Nets
Contract: 3 years, 60 million

Lopez was involved in several trade rumors last year, and many thought he’d walk in free agency. Wrong. Lopez is locked in for $20 mil a year, and will anchor the reshaping of the Nets’ franchise.

Tiago Splitter
2014-2015 Team: San Antonio Spurs
New Team: Atlanta Hawks

Under Popovich’s system in San Antonio, Splitter became a two-way presence at the center position, and he’ll team up in Atlanta with Hawks’ All-Star Al Horford. This almost certainly means the Hawks don’t believe they can resign Paul Milsap, who has been offered a max deal by the Magic.

DeMarre Carroll
2014-2015 Team: Atlanta Hawks
New Team: Toronto Raptors
Contract: 4 years, 60 million

Carroll emerged in the Hawks’ playoff run as a tenacious defender and better-than-average spot up shooter, and he’ll head to Toronto to presumably start on a team that was swept out of the playoffs. The Raptors have rarely had a go-to scorer over the past few seasons, and Carroll will help shoulder the load Kyle Lowry and Demar DeRozan currently carry.

Jimmy Butler
2014-2015 Team: Chicago Bulls
New Team: Chicago Bulls
Contract: 5-years, 90 million

Butler sounded like a goner last week, but he’s decided to stay with the Bulls and work it out with his new coach, and running mate Derrick Rose. The NBA’s Most Improved Player combined with Derrick Rose to form the most dangerous back-court in the Eastern Conference, and by resigning him, the Bulls remain the team most likely to take down Cleveland next year.

Brandon Knight
2014-2015 Team: Milwaukee Bucks/Phoenix Suns
New Team: Phoenix Suns
Contract: 5 years, 70 million

Brandon Knight is often referred to as the league’s punching bag, but there’s no debating his talent as a point guard. Knight experienced his best year last season, posting career high averages in field goal percentage, three-point percentage, free throw percentage, rebounds, blocks, assists and steals in 52 games with the Bucks before being traded to Phoenix.

Tyson Chandler
2014-2015 Team: Dallas Mavericks
New Team: Phoenix Suns
Contract: 4 years, 50 million

Somehow, the Mavs let the man who helped them win their only NBA title slip through their fingers once again, and the Suns are better off for it. Chandler will be a much needed defensive anchor for a team that loves to get out in transition, and let’s not forget that he’s one of the best living pick-and-roll big men.

Amir Johnson
2014-2015 Team: Toronto Raptors
New Team: Boston Celtics
Contract: 2 years, 24 million

After 6 years with the Raptors, Johnson is taking his talents to Boston, where he’ll join Jared Sullinger in the paint. Johnson isn’t much of an offensive threat, but he’ll provide a traditional, big body center presence to help contrast Sullinger’s finesse game.

Kyle Singler
2014-2015 Team: Detroit Pistons/Oklahoma City Thunder
New Team: Oklahoma City Thunder
Contract: 5 years, 25 million

With Kevin Durant injured for the majority of last season, the Thunder desperately needed some depth at the small forward position. When they traded for Kyle Singler, they got a sharpshooter (40% from three) and a decent rebounder that could give them good minutes off the bench. He’ll continue to do that for the next few years.

King Jut (@KingJut92)