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Only if everyday can be like this, then he would be set.

With people now living in the day and age of the selfie, a picture with a celeb on The Gram is sure to garner more likes than that baby picture you posted for #TBT. Knowing this, Connor Toole of Elite Daily decided to try out a little social experiment during the 2015 NBA Draft. Standing at an imposing 6’10”, the writer can easily be mistaken for a draftee when the NBA comes to town. Toole had everyone from arena security, fans, and everyone in between fooled as he pretended to be the newest member of the Utah Jazz.

Connor Toole:

“It turns out if you wear a suit, act really confident and are also 7 feet tall, it’s really easy.”

Prior to the draft, he posed for a few pictures with fans outside of Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center who wished him luck during his big “draft night.” After the big ceremony was all said and done, he placed a Utah Jazz cap atop his head and went straight for Manhattan, as he partied the night away with fans. From free drinks from bartenders, snagging a few phone numbers, and drunken ladies gleefully sharing their pierced nipples for the new “NBA star,” it was indeed a special night for this writer.


Rocko is currently pondering who he can pretend to be for the next big celebrity event in NYC.@Rocko_CNK