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After playing a role in the Clippers impressive run in the NBA playoffs, “Big Baby” is ready to bring more to the table for the highly entertaining LA Clippers squad

With the 2015 NBA Finals in people’s rear view mirrors, one of the most exciting and stressful times of the year has arrived: the OFFSEASON! With fans, executives, coaches, scouts and players glued to their phones for alerts on the most random NBA transactions, the Source Sports was able to catch up with LA Clippers forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis. Davis was the energy guy who backed up Blake Griffin for a Clippers squad who was 56-26 which led to a #3 seed in the NBA playoffs. Talk about leaving it all on the floor, “Big Baby” epitomizes that motto as he played a major role for helping Doc Rivers win a NBA title in 2008 when he suited up for the Boston Celtics.

TS: How would you describe the feeling of your first full season playing with the Clippers?

GD: Everything was great. I got traded last year and I had the chance to play with them a little bit towards the second half of last year. So I kind of had a good feeling going into this summer, how they were as a team and just how they were character wise in general, so it was pretty cool.

TS:By getting the opportunity to play alongside CP3 (Chris Paul), Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan, how has the team chemistry help elevate your game and discover your role on this Clippers squad?

GD: It was just easy. They’re the star players and I just fit in wherever my role is. It’s been cool, it’s been a good experience playing with such great talent like that.

TS: Reuniting with your old coach Doc Rivers who helped you win your first NBA title, how was your relationship been with him knowing the history the both of you two share with one another?

GD: It’s been good. We won a championship with each other so he knows me. He knows the type of player I am and I know what time of coaching system he likes to run and the way he want things done. With him being my coach, I’m glad I got the chance to play with him again.

TS: I’m hearing you working on a reality show, can the fans get some details on what it may consist of?

GD: Basically, it consist of just me and my lifestyle. I don’t want to give it away but it’s just all about my life, the way I view life from my perspective. I’m a big energy guy so I wanted to put my world on tv to show fans how I live.

TS: Now who are some of your favorite artists you turn up on game night?

GD: Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie, I’m a big fan of Drake. For sure, it’s Louisiana music so you know Lil Wayne gets me pump before the game.

TS: Now everyone knows that similar to basketball, the rap game changes up, who is currently your top 5 favorite artists that you vibe off to now?

GD: Right now, I’m bumping a little bit of that Young Dolph. I feel like he’s street and he so raw. I’m definitely bumping that new Boosie, I’m happy he’s back. I think that album all the way across is just flawless from top to bottom. And I’m bumping that A$AP Rocky album as well.

With the newly acquired Lance Stephenson bringing that gritty, energetic, hard-nosed east coast Brooklyn basketball style to the west coast, the Clippers are definitely on every team’s radar in the Western Conference. Even though the Clippers don’t own a pick in this year’s draft, Clipper Nation will definitely be pay attention to the next move they are attempting to make. The 2015 NBA Draft is just 3 days away as the Barclays center will be the spot to be at as history will be made. NO SLEEP TIL BROOKLYN!

Omari White


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For more info about Glen, check out Tara Thomas Agency.