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Jack Black makes a comeback



The movie, The D Train, starring Jack Black, is about a middle aged man named Dan (Jack Black) who just isn’t the most popular guy in any setting.  For years he has been shunned and put to the side and when the time comes to plan his high school reunion, Dan takes it upon himself to make it the best reunion ever and be the hero of the night.  His plan to do that though, is to get the most popular guy in his graduating class, Oliver Lawless (James Marsden), to come to the reunion so everybody else would want to come to.  He then travels to California to meet with Oliver and try and convince him to come to the reunion.  However, in doing so, he ends up making decisions that he will come to regret both with his work and with his personal life.

The D Train can be considered a dark comedy of sorts. It doesn’t have very blatant and in your face jokes that most comedies seem to have.  Instead, all of the humor comes from a very unique play on words and for the audience to really get the humor within it, they have to be constantly alert and on their toes.  These jokes, however, mostly all have some sort of relation to a homoerotic tendency or some sort of sexual innuendo.  But, even if you aren’t a fan of dirty humor, you won’t mind it that much because it isn’t something that is so grotesque that you will be left uncomfortable with it.  In fact, the acting helps with this a lot because with this sort of subtle humor, the actors have to play it very cool and can never be eccentric in any way.  Jack Black and all the other actors in this movie do that so well which makes this movie a big hit.  “The D Train” hits theaters on May 8, 2015.


-Vinesh Vora