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New Slang App is strictly for the sneakerheads! 



Sneakerheads everywhere are jumping with joy as a new sneaker app is revealed as you can Buy and Sell on the new app. Slang is a sneaker app that allows you to upload your sneakers onto a Tinder style profile listing while buyers browse through the app. Somewhat like eBay is what some will say, but not quite. Much more easier to get used to than eBay and you don’t have to do as much work. The format means you can post your listing anywhere sneakers are sold, and just about any sneakerhead can purchase your shoes through the app. Once your sneakers are sold, Slang will provide you with a tracking number and addressed label. So yeah, it’s that easy for you to sell on Slang. How many people are downloading this app with me right about now? Download the app directly from Slang here.





AJR is pushing for time. Follow her on Twitter @Iar4_!