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The much awaited documentary, Iris, based on the famous Iris Apfel will hit theaters on April 29. 


While Iris is a revered interior designer, she is admired today as a fashion icon. Her no non-sense attitude and ability to always speak her mind has inspired some of fashion’s most influential including Jenna Lyons (a fashion icon in her own right). This attitude was perfectly captured by the director, the late Albert Maysles. In a film that showed her exciting energy and witty one liners, the candid conversations between Iris and Maysles kept the audience laughing continuously. While Iris’ energy and charisma is captivating, Maysles portrayal of the people around her only made the audience love her more. Her husband, Carl, whom she’s been with for over 67 years, spoke only highly of her and it was clear that even after all this time, he adores her. In one funny scene, she hushes Carl as he was about share some juicy details about Jackie Kennedy. While Carl is a man of few words, it’s the way he speaks about her that shows they have a strong relationship. There were many funny moments but the one that stood out was her conversation with her nephew. She tells him that if he hears anyone say his aunt is dead to say, “She’s alive and saving funeral costs.” And it wouldn’t be a movie about Iris if it didn’t show her vast collection of couture vintage pieces and thrift shop finds. Her Park Avenue apartment boasts double tiered closets spanning several decades. It was the perfect tease for every fashion lover, the clothes were shown to be just in reach but so far away. For those who have seen her shows at various museums including The Fashion Institute Museum, have seen her collection of jewelry and clothes styled together in a way only Iris can. She succeeds in sharing her unique point of view with the world, oftentimes leaving the viewer to question why they don’t see the world the way she does. It’s hard not to think of her as the Sun, with the world moving in perfect alignment around her.


Mac Cosmetics and HSN hosted the New York premiere of the film at Paris Theater. Actress Kelly Rutherford shared she is inspired by Apfel because “Her lifetime of tireless style. She is just one of those iconic women who we all think of when we think of style.  She’s timeless.” Kelly thinks everyone can learn something from Iris. “That we all have to be original. So much about fashion is being original and she is an original . We look to those people more than somebody who just wears something normal. It’s one thing for someone to just buy a fancy dress but another thing to put things together in a way that’s inspirational and you really want to look at.” A supper party followed at Southgate.