I know we all wished that we were related to Oprah

The Oprah Winfrey Network, or OWN, filed a lawsuit in Florida against Justin Jackson because he pretended to be Oprah’s nephew in return for benefits and gifts. Jackson has a long history of impersonation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jackson has posed as President Obama’s aide  and Madonna’s manager in the past. Through his role play, Jackson attempted to obtain food, concert tickets, hotel accommodations, jobs, jewelry, clothes, gift certificates. and access to celebrities like Trey Songz. For Jackson’s repeated schemes in full detail visit THR.

Reggie Love, a former college basketball player and personal aide for President Obama, and Scott Garner, the channel’s executive vp scheduling and acquisitions, are also suing because Jackson impersonated them for his benefits. A spokesperson for OWN says, “We seek the court’s help to put a stop to these fraudulent activities.”

The grass isn’t looking greener on Jackson’s side. If you had the chance to get away with it, would you have done it too? Share with your answers.

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