We all might have been there. You’re out late at dinner with bae having a good time. You leave thinking the nights going to end with you playing Tyrese, or for you youngsters, some Trey Songz, and then it happens. You can’t find your car. That is because it has been towed while you were trying to grab that extra cheesy bread from Red Lobster. This is what happened to ESPN reporter Britt McHenry at a local Chinese restaurant called Hunan in Arlington, Virginia.  When she got to Advanced Towing to pick up her car she was PISSED.

The attendant, named Gina Michelle, told McHenry that she was being recorded. Didn’t look like she cared that much about it. Richard Deitsch, writer for Sports Illustrated, tweeted that ESPN is reviewing the situation,” We are aware of the recent exchange between Britt McHenry and a towing company employee. We are now reviewing the matter with her.” Will update the story as more information is released.

KingJut (@KingJut92)