Andrew Harrison apologizes for slur at Frank Kaminsky

Andrew Harrison was understandably frustrated late Saturday night following Kentucky’s upset loss to Wisconsin in the Final Four. The sophomore guard has been part of two Kentucky teams, and both have come just short of the ultimate prize, losing to UConn in the title game last year and seeing its hopes of an unbeaten season go up in smoke Saturday against the Badgers.

But Harrison may regret letting his frustration spill over in one instance: The Kentucky star, apparently unaware of just how powerful the mic in front of him was, muttered a slur about Wisconsin star Frank Kaminsky during the postgame press conference that the mic picked up.

When a reporter asked the Wildcats’ Karl-Anthony Towns a question about the challenge of squaring off against Kaminsky, Harrison muttered under his breath something that sounded to most observers like “F*** that n***a.” You can hear it right around the :05 second mark of the above clip.

There was a reason Kaminsky got under the Wildcats skin: The consensus national player of the year had 20 points and 11 rebounds Saturday, leading Wisconsin to its first title game appearance since 1941.


2 Responses

  1. A C Coca

    Andrew Harrison should be band for life just like many white people have been for making such comments. I’m tired of the double standards that is out there.

  2. Lt 33

    I wqnt to see equal treatment – Call in the attorney general and the Department of Justice….and after the pathetic display of poor sportsmanship on the court, Kentucky loses tournament rights next year.