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Meagan Good and Tamara Bass recently announced their new web series, All That Matters, about a young and newly engaged couple whose lives suddenly are suddenly turned upside down by events out of their control.

The series is executive produced by Lee “Q” O’denat and Sway Calloway and will be’s first dramatic web series. The series is written by Tamara Bass (Baby Boy & Boston Republic) and was created with her business partner actress Meagan Good. The two have teamed up to jointly co-produced and co-directed the series under their production company Krazy Actress Productions.

Tell us about the show ?


Tamara Bass: It’s a series that explores what happens when your life changes in twenty-four hours and it’s not the way you planned, it’s not the path you carved out for yourself when you were six years old like what happens when that occurs, how do you navigate?

What drew you to want write this project?

Tamara Bass: Well I created it and I acted for a while before but I took some personal time off and moved away from  Los Angeles. I had to do some Tamara soul searching and once I reemerged back and moved back to Los Angeles , and I figured how do I want to present myself  to the world. The only way the world is going to be able to hear your voice is to show them your voice and working with Meagan and our production company helped.

Megan Good: It was a really good transition for me, and when I saw one of her performances I was like she’s incredible and to this day she is the only friend that I have that I actually ask when I finish a movie and she sees it if I did a good job or critique me on what I need to do better.  So it was a natural progression for me when I knew this vehicle was for her not just to support it as a friend and a sister, but business wise. I think she was perfect for the lead and that it was a great opportunity for us to direct together.

What sets this project apart from other projects you’ve done ?

TB: A lot of the time you don’t get the opportunity to tell the story that you want to tell  and often times when we show the girl that is relatable the girl that everybody knows and understands, and a lot of times in projects you see a very small piece of her because you’re not setting her up as the vixen or because you’re setting her up as the best friend and she’s not always the lead but she should be because she is a true representation of women, especially black women who often are treated as the best friend and love interest instead of what is this person’s story so we wanted to create more opportunities like that for women in general.

MG: Well it helps when we thought of creating the idea to make a web series in that it shows the coming out of our company and that we can maintain control and make sure that the voice we presented represented our voice and was untainted by the network saying you need it to be like this and that was the great thing about working with Q that he allowed us that freedom and really trusted us to create some positive content  to go on World Star as original content.

What were some of the challenges in creating this show?

MG: When you have  this vision and this grand idea in your head  and then you’re like well I have to pay for this the show! But the budget for internet based shows is much lower than if it were a television production especially when you don’t have an advertiser on board to begin with to sponsor it, you’re basically betting and hoping and praying  that someone will come to the table later and give you that money so the biggest challenge was creating a project that looked and sounded good on the budget that we had and to not short change the story.

What would you like the audience to get out of the show ?

MG: I would love to people to see the diversity in these characters and that these characters are just like people you know and to see ultimately that no matter what hand you are dealt, no matter what you go through,  love really does concur all and that we are capable of anything.