It’s been a long time since his last fan-favorite was released, Cam’Ron has announced that a sequel to his 2004 album Purple Haze will be released before the end of the year. Cam’Ron stopped to talk with Revolt after a show in Chicago and explained his plans to begin recording Purple Haze 2 in the next couple months for a December release date.

“I’m getting ready to go on tour in March, April for the Diplomat tour,” he said. “Then in May, Cam’Ron by himself is going overseas. Then I start shooting Percentage 2 and 3 in June and July. Then the end of July the Diplomat album coming out, then I start working on Purple Haze 2 for this December. So that’s what’s going on for this year.” Cam’Ron released last year that Purple Haze will be his last album.

“Yeah, It’s a wrap, time to move on,” Cam’Ron told Miss Info. “Movies and clothing are doing really well for me right now. I’m helping Mendeecees with his album. And…I’m building a club in Vegas.”

He also talks about how the first Purple Haze was developed in the beginning.

“My favorite album that I ever recorded, it would probably be Purple Haze,” he said. “I was staying out here, I was staying in Chicago at that time. I was staying in Ohio. I was back in New York, I was all over the place so I got to see a bunch of different cultures. I always travel but I never sat down in one other state for more than two, three weeks. I was living in Chicago for three years. I was living in Ohio for five years. Just meeting different people from parts of the United States while I was doing that album was pretty dope.”

Are you guys ready to see Cam leave the game forever? We do know that with his great and witty hooks, its been a long time of him being in the game but has he proclaimed legend status?

-Bri Christian (@brirezy)