The white and gold? black and blue dress is selling like hot cakes

Yesterday, in one of the more bizarre social media happenings in recent memory, a Tumblr user uploaded a picture of the above dress, asking her followers to help her figure out if the dress is black and blue, or white and gold. What happened next? #TheDress became a phenomenon, and had everyone from NBA players to Kimye weighing in on what the actual color of the dress was. By nightfall, the entire internet had been split down the middle into two sections: those that thought the dress was black and blue, and those that thought it was white and gold.

Eventually, a second photograph of the dress surfaced, in less confusing lighting, and the color was determined to be black and blue, but the fun didn’t stop there. Romans Orignials, the manufacturer of the dress, has been fielding orders for the relatively inexpensive–$77–black and blue garment from people looking to become a piece of social media history. A Roman Originals spokesperson revealed that sales are up 347% (!), and noted that people coming to look at the dress end up purchasing other items as well.