All the Oscar-statue-related questions you’ve ever had are answered in this new clip for Oscars Week.

Questions like “how does it feel to win an Oscar? ” and “which three people claim they coined the nickname ‘Oscar’?” are all answered in video by Academy Originals. Bette Davis is one of the three celebs who claims to have created the nickname Oscar, who thought the statue looked similar to her husband, Oscar’s butt. This clip features exclusive interviews with past Oscar winners like Whoopi Goldberg, Benicio Del Toro, Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda and Ben Kingsley. Listen to these stars elaborate on the experience of winning an Academy Award. The origins and symbolism of the statue is also discussed by Oscar historian Robert Osborne and this clip features footage of winners having their statues engraved at the illustrious Oscar after-party.

-Nishat Baig