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Here’s The’s recap from Season 7 Episode 12!

1. Kenya Moore.. #done. Who does she think she is again? To think that Roger Bob is supposed to be there when she calls… I’m not sure if that partnership is going to work. Life will definitely TWIRL on past this venture.

2. Phaedra Parks has become the biggest topic of discussion. With Apollo Nida leaving in a few days, her decision to tell her children about their father’s sentencing is weighing heavy on her. It is too early to tell whether or not things will be ok in the Parks/Nida household, but we pray for the best.


3. Why is Kandi Burruss‘ family always coming for Todd Tucker? What did he ever do to make them think he is always trying to sabotage Kandi? Kandi needs to start stepping up a little more in honor of her man before things get out of control. On another note, it’s heartbreaking to see Kandi in tears over something that was completely out of her control. We just hope the next promoter can handle the job and keep the ball rolling. Hang in there Kandi!

4. Porsha Williams has a tendency to think someone is always against her. Maybe she and Claudia Jordan should just have a sit down and work out their differences.

5. The situation between Phaedra and Apollo seem to come to a head when Apollo approaches their home before turning himself in. Is it fair to say that Phaedra will be a single parent? Should she take Apollo’s threats seriously? What would you do in this situation?

Tune in next Sunday at 8pm to BravoTV to find out what Phaedra plans to do about her marriage and the safety of her family.

-Natalee Langley @_naturallynat