“That’s why me and Dame cool… We assholes! Thats why we listen to your music in fast forward, cause we dont wanna hear that weak sh*t no more”

Earlier this year, former music executive, Damon Dash alluded to joining forces with his former Roc-A-Fella records artist, Kanye West for a secret project.

After weeks of anticipation, details surrounding their project has finally been released with Dash directing and West serving as an executive producer on the new film, Loisaidas.

Set in Dash’s native of Harlem, the entrepreneur took to social media beaming, “I made an announcement the other day that me and Kanye would be making movies…and I said we would be cutting out the middle man and that we would be sticking together…I’m the kind of guy that likes to walk it like I talk it immediately so this is our first project…”

 “The pre orders works now…it shut down I appreciate all the support #cutoutthemiddleman http://loisaidasthemovie.com no need to go through somebody else and I know yall direct…independence is power and I get to be creative I’m directing as well and good looking Kanye your support is appreciated #honorablepeoplesticktogether” –Damon Dash

Watch it below


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