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Check out our exclusive interview with V. Bozeman as she discusses “Empire,” working with Timbaland and her hopes of collaborating with Kendrick. 

If you’ve been tuning in to “Empire” and don’t already know who the woman with the mesmerizing voice is, then you’re in for a treat. V. Bozeman, more formally known as Veronika Bozeman has been making waves in both the music and the television industry. Back in 2012, V signed to a production deal with CeeLo Green and released “Race Jones,” which was written by CeeLo. Her songs deal with hard hitting issues and as she so often exclaims if something is not authentic then she doesn’t want to be a part of it. Currently V is signed to Epic Records and Timbaland has taken her under his wings throughout the production process. Find out what other projects she’s got in store, aside from her fantastic role on the hit series “Empire.”

Can you speak about the experience of being on the show “Empire”?


Being on the show “Empire” was just an amazing experience, the cast and crew were absolutely amazing. Lee Daniels is such a passionate director and artist in his own right. He’s totally connected to the things that he believes in and wants the best out of you and is a great encourager. Taraji and Terrence just embraced me so well and I learned so much from them. I actually became pretty close to Terrance because most of my scenes are with him for the season and he just taught me so much about acting and how to just embrace the moment and losing yourself in your character. I thought he was a really really smart person too, his mind is just amazing. The energy on that set was absolutely amazing.


Can you tell us what we can expect this season? Any surprises from your character Veronika?

She’s a real spitfire. I relate to her a lot because she’s an upcoming artist and … she’s very passionate and loves what she does, she’s not going to let anybody stand in her way. You’ll hear a lot of amazing songs from this character throughout the season. Songs produced by Timbaland. She’s a real talent and I think that people are gonna fall in love with this character because I know I did.

Do you want to continue to pursue acting or is music always going to be your first passion?

I’ve always been an actress. I’ve been in film festivals, independent films all throughout my career so this is a great platform for me as far as branding myself, aside from singing. Singing is always gonna be my first passion but nowadays we have to brand ourselves in so many different ways .Singing, acting and modeling have always been on my agenda as far as what I want to present to the world.


You’re signed with Timbaland’s label can you speak about the experience of working with him and how that’s helped you grow?

Yeah I’m signed with Timbaland and Epic Records. Timbaland is amazing. I see why he is Timbaland. He was with me every step of the way. We did two projects this summer, one project called “Opera Noir” which is a collaborative project between me and Timbaland and then I did my own project called “Music is My Boyfriend.” He was with me everyday in that studio, every step of the way. A producer of that caliber does not spend time with new artists like that and for him to be so passionate about the project that we were doing and just being present with me, I was on cloud nine. I learned so much from him. He lives breathes and just is music, he loves what he does. He told me often times that his spirit was awakened again. His passion was alive again when it came to music because it was gone for a while. I was just happy to be a part of that when we were working on our music together.

How important do you think it is for older, well-established artists to help put on newer artists?

It’s very very important. The older artists, they’re leaving a legacy. They can’t turn their backs on these upcoming artists because we need guidance. We need to know what to look out for, we need to know what to expect. We need to be ready and prepared for this beast that we’re approaching. They lived it and they’ve learned and been through the lessons so you always should be able to give back to the artists. New artists like me should always be wanting and aspiring to learn and take as much as we can take so we can hold the torch.


Can you elaborate on your upcoming projects?

“Opera Noir” should be a single coming out around February or March. “Music is My Boyfriend,” my first freshman album. It’s so so good because that album is birthed out of “Opera Noir” and I’m so proud of each project. It’s gonna do so much for the music industry, so much for black music and black culture and just music as whole. It’s really going to bring that feeling back to music that it used to have.


Can we expect any other surprise collaborations on your projects?

I’m getting into that stream of the album now, I’m 90% done with the album. I have don’t have too many collaborations, but ironically me and Tim are starting to talk about that and we’re diving into that more and more. I’m thinking about Kendrick Lamar, I’m thinking about a lot of people that really have had an impact in music, that’s really who I would want to collab with. This is like my baby, so the people I look up to the most in music right now is Kendrick Lamar and that’s who I’m aiming for as far as collaborating on this particular project.

Who is an artist that has inspired you or impacted your life in a significant way?

Whitney Houston hands down. She’s been the biggest impact and influence over my musical journey. When I first heard her I just knew “ok she has a gift and I have a gift and I have to use it.” She is the voice, she set the bar. I feel closer to her now than I would be able to if she was here. I never got to see her or meet he or anything like that, but I’m really really connected to her. She was the best.


Where did your passion for music come from was it from your family or is it something you’ve always been interested in?

I always sung. I’ve been singing since I was 5 years old. I always knew what I was supposed to do on this Earth is to touch people through the gift of song. So that’s where the passion comes from, I know I have an assignment to do and nothing can stand in the way of that. It’s been a real real hard road to get here and I’ve become tired sometimes, but I’ve never doubted why I’m here and what I’m supposed to do. I take this gift very very seriously and I just have a lot to do.


Would you say Kendrick is your dream collab ?

I don’t know if I have a dream collab. I always want to work with artists of course, I’d love to work with Beyonce, with John Legend and Usher. Just really great artists. It’s just about the chemistry and the authenticity of it. I can’t do anything that’s not natural or doesn’t come or doesn’t feel right. It has to be special. I’m always open to work with whoever if they’re talented and has passion for music as well.

-Nishat Baig