It’s easy to tell you’re falling in love, but it’s a lot harder to tell that the love is gone & you no longer wear the same uniform.   

The hardest thing to do is to let go of the one person you’ve invested so much time into.  He may have been your first for everything; you know him in and out, and with so many years between the two of you, you have mastered the art of making it last.  What happens when you’re holding on to something that’s no longer there?

LOVE–it’s that four letter word that has been undefined for centuries and not even scientific studies can nail.  Well, of course there are books, albums, and movies that attempt at teaching us how to tackle the emotion, but no two situations are ever the same.  Regardless of how we frame it, at one point, everyone will have that intensifying feeling of uncontrollable emotions for another person.

Unfortunately as humans we lose interest; even after three kids and a mortgage, we may find ourselves straying from the nest.

Here are 5 ways to tell that your fire has been put out:

1.  Arguments have become the norm in your household.  The two of you can’t seem to come to an agreement on anything, but this doesn’t worry you too much.  Being upset with your partner is normal, and you can go days without speaking to him.

2.  Excitement in the relationship has faded, and instead of trying to get it back, you look to other places to for the thrill.

3.  You’ve become more like roommates than lovers.  You’d rather spend time alone than spend time with him.  Yikes!

4.  You’re no longer the first person he wants to tell good news to.  The love of your life should be your best friend, so if you notice you’re not interested in his life outside of home, maybe this isn’t for you anymore.

5.  Lastly, making love isn’t blowing your mind like it used to.  It’s not that you’re thinking about someone else–or maybe you are–but you’d rather be loading the dishwasher, and ironing your clothes for work right now.  This my dear, is a problem.

Closing one door may open up so many more, so don’t be afraid to let go.  You may find that much to your surprise, the separation was probably just what you needed the whole time!