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Nick Young aka Swaggy P did it on em! 


Nick Young got his house broken into by thieves last year while playing in a game. The thieves stole about $100,000 worth of swaggy’s kicks. He has decided to take it to another level as he has hired two guys to watch over his sneaker collection while he is doing his thing on the court.

While doing a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, the Lakers guard reveals that he is in the process of converting a detached building on his property into a ‘shoe house’ which will be looked after by two people on payroll aka his ‘shoe keepers.’


“The property, tucked behind a gate in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Tarzana, comes with a detached building that Young is converting into a “shoe house.” He employs not one but two “shoe keepers,” who oversee his 500-plus pairs of sneakers, a collection that includes Vans fitted with roller-skating wheels.”

How do you feel about this? Feel free to leave your comments below.