HBO’s hit show “Girls” is back for its fourth season on Sunday at 9PM. 

The show’s stars Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver, Alex Karpovsky, Andrew Rannells, Gaby Hoffman, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Rita Wilson, Producer Jenni Konner and guest stars Gillian Jacobs, Zachary Quinto and Natasha Lyonne gathered for a very posh premiere bash at the Museum of Natural History. The show is better than ever. Read what some of the cast had to say about Season 4 below:

Lena Dunham and Producer Jennifer Konner

Lena Dunham

How has Hannah grown since last season?


Lena: I think she’s putting herself in new and challenging situations and pushing herself forward even when it doesn’t always feel good.


Jenni: She’s making complicated choices about her and her future, which we haven’t necessarily seen her do so definitively.


Why was Marnie motorboated in episode one?


Lena: Two words for you Brian Williams. That was the wrong answer. Jenni has a better answer.


Jenni: We are trying to show Marnie’s new relationship in this new incarnation. On a network show maybe you give them a haircut, and that’s what we do.


Lena: That is what this is – getting her ass motorboated.


So you intentionally wrote it for Marnie?


Lena: I think if you look across the seasons, we put Marnie in a number of humiliating sexual positions you wouldn’t expect based on her shiny shiny hair.


Jenni: It was for Marnie, our sex scenes are actually outlandishly specific. If you read them in the script, you would see the specificity of what is happening. They’re not accidental not random or improv.


You were wearing a shirt with Samantha Jones on it?


Lena: It’s my most treasured shirt … I have a pink t-shirt, my mom has one too, it’s just Samantha Jones in her many power suits. It’s the best garment I own … I love Samantha Jones, I think we should all carry a book of Samantha Jones quotes in our pocket. I also just support her stylistically, so the shirt was a great way to say that on Christmas day.


You have been experimenting with different hair colors.


Lena: Yeah it was fun, I went back to my teenage phase of just deciding I wanted different hair colors on different days. Now we’re heading back towards the show, time to look like Hannah. I sent Jenni a picture after I dyed my hair back and went “she’s back.”


People were talking about you getting engaged?


Jenni: This is the most hilarious thing. We have friendship rings, they’re a stack of three. We both wear them. We both wear them on that finger, that’s the finger they fit on … When they announced she was wearing an engagement ring I was like “yeah to me.”


Lena: We’re engaged to continue work together for the rest of our lives. It’s funny because I have a ring that my boyfriend gave me that I wear on my right hand, which clearly no one gives a sh*t about, that looks more like an engagement ring.


Jenni: And that looks way more like an engagement ring!


Lena: It’s a diamond! And everyone is like “let’s ignore that diamond and focus on the stack of three rings.” It is very funny I was like slow news day, dudes?

My boyfriend said to me “My mom called asking if we were engaged.” She has a google alert on him. I also wanted to say if we were to get engaged we would be more creative than do it on New Year’s Eve. We don’t want to be basic.


Can you tell us about co-writing the music for Marnie?


Lena: Well actually my boyfriend wrote the majority of the music. I wrote some of the lyrics with him, then Nathan Larson, who’s an amazing musician and friend of ours wrote one of the songs. Michael Penn wrote one of the songs. So the mayhem that is Desi and Marnie’s band is a true collaboration.


Are you going to write more songs in the future?


Lena: No, I’m not good at it. I did a poor job.


Jemima Kirke

Jemima Kirke

Have you ever tried to make a long distance relationship work?


Yes, I have and it didn’t work. I’ll never do it again. It doesn’t f—-ing work. It works for a period then it doesn’t, it defeats the purpose of a relationship.


Don’t you have to go off sometimes for other projects?


No, I don’t do anything else other than this. I’m home. I’m always home.


Once you’re done with the show, do you think you will keep acting?


I’m not scouting things to do, but if something comes up, I would think about it for sure. But I’m happy, I’m good doing just this.


As  painter / artist what’s the biggest change you went through in the past year?


My paintings have gotten more attention, which is really nice. So that’s a big positive change.


What can we expect from Jessa this season?


There’s gonna be less drama, it’s gonna be more of a plateau, but you’re gonna discover more of who she is.


Less drug use perhaps?


Yeah, Exactly.


What has been the highlight of working with Lena?


The highlight is it made our friendship stronger, tested it a few times in a good way.


Your mother has a vintage clothing business? Are you going to work on that, too?


No, no. I grew up with vintage antique. Everything vintage, nothing f—-ing works. Everthing’s beautiful, but doesn’t work. That’s still my aesthetic, that’s set for life, I don’t need to go pursue it, it’s around me everywhere.  When I grew up, my house looked like a French brothel from the 1920’s. Beautiful, though.


Is your dress tonight new?


My mother probably hates this dress. It’s Adam Lippes.


Are you excited to party in the Museum of Natural History?


Well because if you get bored, you get to look at all the animals and displays.


Zosia Mamet


Zosia Mamet


What can we expect from Shoshanna this season?


I think she’s just really trying to figure it all out this season. I mean when are they not? She’s trying to figure out what it’s like in the real world.


What’s going on with Ray?


Ray is trying to deal with some traffic problems and he’s also trying to figure out what sort of being happy feels like.


Allison Williams