I’ve always been a proponent of the argument that the DJ needs more love. That’s why we’re proud to present the premiere of a mix from a young, up and coming DJ, Caleeb. This year alone, he’s worked with with Spenzo and Toni Romiti on separate remix records reaching that the fans have eaten up. He’s also opened for Wiz Khalifa and Kat Dahlia. The Chicago DJ has adapted to the younger generation’s tastes in music–everything.

If you’ve kept up to date with his Soundcloud, he’s been releasing a series of mixes that incorporate popular radio songs as well as some remixes that include original production. Today, we’re premiering the last one of the  series, which started in March of this year. We asked the 21 year old about the mix as well as his future plans. Peep the stream below as well as our short interview.

What does JAD stand for?

JAD stands for Just A Dream. It’s kinda inspired by the Biggie quote in “Juicy.” One of my closest friends and I came up with concept about 2 years ago. It’s like so many people want more in life. They dream about promotions, being able to provide more for their families, buying new houses, cars, and traveling the world, but they aren’t able to, and it’s “Just A Dream.” What we’re doing is inspiring the youth and old alike to follow your dreams despite any obstacles you have. Sounds cliche, but that’s just what it is. We have goals and ambitions and we’re focusing on making our dreams a reality so others can do the same. Sometimes all they need is that one person to inspire them. I wouldn’t mind inspiring someone.

How did you pick the songs for these mixes?

My mixing process is like recording in the studio. It takes me a few days to come up with a theme and songs that match. I like to make sure that everything is cohesive and fresh. My song selection was based on preparing my supporters for the release of my project. It’s super vibey, but lit. Having saying that, I use Soundcloud and Youtube a lot to find new artists and remixes that the people haven’t heard before. It’s so much great music in the world, and it’s sad that it’s not being exposed. That’s what I’m trying to do, use my position to expose people to great music. I’m opening people’s minds to something fresh and to something that makes you feel. That’s what music is supposed to do. Make your feel.

Why the chiller vibes as opposed to some turn up music?

DJs nowadays are doing everything the same. Where I’m from (Chicago), most DJs have the same sets with the same songs ALL THE TIME. You get tired of hearing the same thing so I’m pushing the culture forward. I’m opening people’s ears to good music, new genres, and positive vibes. Some of the songs are still turnup, but it’s the way I incorporate them that make it unique. A lot of the hip-hop we’re hearing nowadays is terrible in terms of how hip-hop transpired and I feel like it’s a misrepresentation. I’m trying to incorporate all genres and expand the genre of hip-hop in a real conscious but fun…. feel good manner.

I noticed some original production in there. Who are some of your favorite artists/producers who influenced you?

Wow, that’s tough one because I listen to so much music. I have to break it down. Recently, I really like a lot of guys from Soulection such as Kaytranda, Sango, and Mr. Carmack….nobody has drums like Carmack! In hip-hop, I’m influenced by Pharrell, J Dilla, Timbaland, and of course Kanye. I also dabble in EDM so it’s gonna be Carnage, Baaeur, Diplo, Disclosure, and DJ Snake. Of course these are legends or legends in the makings but the most influence comes from my skwadd….and the optimism and positivity we all have in creating music.

What do you have planned next?

What’s next? I’m gearing up for 2015. I just been working on my project with my production team, “The RECruits”. I’m dropping my first single soon and then we’re dropping the project in the Spring. I’m going on tour, playing festivals and doing what they said was “Just A Dream!” Just wait on it. All it is…is keeping God first, being optimistic, and sharing good vibes. I’m coming.

Bryan Hahn likes to think he’s a DJ. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).