Every true baller knows not to foul a shooter during the closing seconds of a close game, that’s common basketball IQ

One of the main joys of watching an NBA game is being able to witness a close down-to-the-wire game that will have you on the edge of your seats. The ideal sports fan loves when their favorite team is leading with just a couple of seconds left knowing that just one smart defensive play will evenutally put the icing on the cake to another team victory. But little do fans need to know that some players tend to have “brain farts” during crucial moments of a game. Granted, it is not as common nowadays but once you witness a unnecessary breakdown, it can bring such distraught and headache no matter how at ease you are with with your team winning. A prime case of a player doing something that’s smiliar to the saying ” stupid is as stupid does” is Chicago Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich. With 1.2 seconds left and the Bulls beating the Dallas Mavericks 108-105, Mavs guard Monta Ellis decided to dribble full length to the court and throws up a desperation three point shot attempt. Hinrich decided to foul Ellis while he attempts the three five feet away from the three point line. Ellis went to make all three free throw attempts to send the game into overtime. This random play had everyone in the United Center scratching their head pondering what sense did it make to foul a player that far from the basket as the time was expiring.

The mistake caused the Bulls a definite win as they fell to the Mavs in double overtime 132-129. Dallas Mavericks all time leading scorer Dirk Nowitzki commented on the unpredictable play in which it had the sports and NBA world in complete confusion.

They think they had the game won. And they foul Monta off the dribble, which in my 17 years is one of the dumber fouls I’ve ever seen. I saw [Bulls coach Tom] Thibodeau was just shaking his head.”

Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau did what any true supportive coach would’ve done for this players. He came to his players rescue by taking blame of the bonehead play, telling the public that it was his fault that he didn’t mention to Hinrich when to foul.

That was my fault because we wanted to take the foul, and I wasn’t clear enough about how and where. Obviously, we wanted to take it in the backcourt. They were out of timeouts, but it gets tricky as they get into the scoring area if a guy is facing you. That’s my fault.”

Kirk knew he caused his team another slash in the win column so he owed up to his mistake. The former Kansas Jayhawk great recognized that someone who played the sport of basketball for so long should ‘ve known better for making pays in which beginners of the game would’ve made.

I’ve been around 12 years. I know better than that. It’s one of those things where it’s just a bad play. You can’t do that against any team in this league, let alone a team like that. [Thibodeau] can say that, but I know better than that. It’s on me. I guess I learn from it and move on.”

With this lost, the Chicago Bulls record drops to 11-7 while the Mavs continue to be in the run in the highly competitive Western Conference with a record of 14-5. As the season is progressing, let’s hope that Kirk really realized how unacceptable plays like this needs to be avoided in order for the Bulls to compete with the Eastern Conference powerhouses like the new and improved Toronto Raptors, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Miami Heat. But as mentally tough and competitive Kirk is on the floor, he will be able to bounce back and to show Bull fans that he can be trusted during the crucial times of games. Next time Kirk even entertains the thought about fouling behind the trifecta line, he better refer back to Lil Wayne‘s verse on “We Be Steady Mobbin”. Weezy spits the verse “Futuristic hand gun, If you act foul, you get two shots and one”. So think wisely before you react Kirk.

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-Omari White (@SmooveGuyO)