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Kobe wasn’t too happy about this (the play, we mean)

Rick Fox is a former teammate of Kobe’s, and we can’t help but wonder if he gets a kick out of watching #24 go through the trials and tribulations that are the Lakers 2014-2015 season thus far. Last night, Los Angeles made an impressive showing against the team with the Eastern Conference’s best record, the 13-4 Toronto Raptors, and ended up with the 5-point victory in OT. During an in-game scramble for a loose ball, Kyle Lowry literally jumped over Kobe Bryant‘s head–sort of. Lowry didn’t make it over, and landed pretty cleanly on the back of Kobe’s head, and wasn’t whistled for a foul. Naturally, Bryant was livid.


The funniest part about it all, was Rick Fox, who called the highlight during an NBA TV broadcast. “Kyle Lowry, put his nuts on the back of Kobe’s….”

He trailed off in a muffled chuckle, more than likely because someone alerted him that he was still on the air. Stay classy Rick.