Win at all costs.

NBA fans are well aware that veteran Kevin Garnett has been a terror on the court throughout his career, often times using various methods of intimidation to get the upper hand against opponents. Last night, during the Brooklyn Nets game against the Chicago Bulls, Garnett took things to hilarious new levels by trying to bite Bulls Center Joakim Noah in the hand. The two have had a history of trash talk since Garnett’s days in Boston and it looks like the competitive spirit is still there.


“He tried to bite me, man,” Noah said through laughter in the Bulls’ locker room. That’s crazy, man. It’s unbelievable. Kevin Garnett tried to bite me, man. It’s unbelievable. I don’t even know what to say.”


“I know how to bite somebody,” Garnett told reporters in the Nets’ locker room. “Obviously I was messing around in that moment. If I wanted to bite him, I’d have just … shout out to Mike Tyson.”

Garnett’s play has regressed tremendously as he is in the twilight of his Hall Of Fame career but it is clear that he still wants to win at all costs. Didn’t help last night as the Bulls pounced on the Nets via a 102-84 victory.

Rocko thinks you have to do what you have to do to win. – @Rocko_CNK