…MMG’s head honcho is ready to bet a “pear” of thousands on his home team….Are we about to witness a case of “big bank taking little bank?”

Let the trash-talking, money betting begins. Everyone has to love the case of “putting your money  where your mouth is”. A prime example of this is MMG’s mastermind Rick Ross who recently came out and made a bold prediction. The “Biggest Boss That You See Thus Far” appeared on Hot 97 radio station in Miami and confidently believes that the Miami Heat will finished better than the newly improved Cleveland Cavaliers.

“We most definitely finishing better than the Cavaliers. I’ll put 100 grand on that

Ricky Rozay continues to flaunt his knowledge of basketball wisdom by giving his personal intake about Lebron heading back to Cleveland.

“I feel like we’ll be more balanced this year,” James said. “You know [James] is most definitely one of the greatest ever, if not the greatest…but he brings a lot of baggage, too.

The nonchalant, laid back Miami MC shows his Florida fans that he got potential GM capabilities, possessing the ability to put together a well tune team that can win it all. As the Heat are 7 games in, they are proving that Ricky’s prediction are making him looking like a sports genius. With the record of 5-2, the Heat are in the top 5 amongst the most effective offenses in the league, averaging just over 108 points per game. Meanwhile, the new look Cavs are struggling to get their team chemistry together, who are currently 3-3. Bron Bron is looking like he needs to get his team and game together before Rozay takes another 100K and invest in another Wingstop establishment. What if “The Boss” inhales the winnings of his bet and put a Wingstop in Cleveland to rub it in King James face? Now that’s what you called…..BOSSS!

Omari feels that Rozay maybe onto something but sooner or later the Cavs will get it together and shut all naysayers down for good. Be prepared to lose 100 stacks rozay, stick to being one of the Heat’s biggest cheerleaders at American Airlines Arena.

-Omari White (@SmooveGuyO)