John Lasseter is about to have another blockbuster animated film under his belt with “Big Hero 6.”

The characters of the film are borrowed from Marvel’s “Big Hero 6,” but with a plot twist. The story is set in the city of San Fransokyo where a young robotics prodigy, Hiro Himada, embarks on a journey to uncover a criminal plot and avenge the death of his brother, Tadashi. Hiro creates robots in attempt to enroll in San Fransokyo’s Institute of Technology, which he discovers are stolen by a mysterious figure. With the help of one of Tadashi’s robots, Baymax, and his friends, Hiro is able to uncover a deceitful plot to undermine one of the greatest technology companies in San Fransokyo. Hiro is faced with many dilemmas that test his character and show the compassion of his crew as well. The film is filled with cute candid moments that will leave the audience chuckling, as well as clean humor that an audience of all ages would enjoy. With many action packed scenes, we were at the edge of our seats the entire time.

Damon Wayans Jr. voiced Wasabi  in the film. Read our exclusive interview with him below:

Tell me about Wasabi.


Wasabi is one of the heroes of the Hero Six, he is more of nitpicky kind of guy. He has a lot of order, he’s obsessed with order, and plans and organization. He’s pretty neurotic. His motto is there’s a place for everything and everything in its place. When his friends decide to become heroes, he’s like,”What are you guys doing? What’s the plan? We’re not heroes, we’re nerds. We like to make stuff. We’re tech geeks, let’s not do this.” He’s the probably the most apprehensive out of all the characters to go out and try and save the day. He eventually does it because he loves his buddies.


Do you identify with Wasabi?


The OCD I do. I have a couple of OCDs. I always have to chew gum, I have to smell good, I sit on the toilet reverse cowgirl, that’s just my thing. I have to have a place to rest my elbows!


Did you develop Wasabi with Chris Williams?


It was great! Disney, especially the directors and the producers on this movie were very collaborative. They already had a great script but they wanted me to make my own and put touches of my humor into the Wasabi character and it was a great marriage. It was what I thought the character was, mixed with what they thought it was it came together very well.


Did you do anything to prepare for this role at all?


No, because you’re just in a room, a little box with a window for the producers and directors to watch you, and it’s pretty much just your voice. So if I did any preparation, it was just drinking tea and sucking on lemons.


How is voicing a character different from acting out a character on screen?


You don’t have the luxury of physicalizing any of your jokes. You can’t do facial expressions, you can’t do arm gestures. You can’t do any physical things. It’s all in your voice. You have to make your voice your whole instrument. So that was very different from acting on a show or a movie. You have to project a lot and record a lot. Because they have cameras inside the booth that are recording you so they can take expressions from your face to put them on the actual character in the movie. It’s super cool.


Did you act out any of the action sequences that Wasabi did to get a feel for them?


I did. I felt like a real crazy person. I’m just in there wiggling my arms and trying to make sound effects … Someone will come in and be like “What are you doing?” I felt like I was a little kid with a toy that you would play with in a room by yourself, and your mom will come in and say “What are you doing weirdo? Go eat.”


What’s your favorite action sequence?


The car chase scene that was really spectacular. I also loved the end fight scene between the bad guy and the “Big Hero 6” when they finally got it together. Because throughout the movie they were kind of fumbling, trying to become these superheroes, and then the last fight scene they got it. Or at least this was the closest to getting it that they have gotten.


What was it like to work with Don and Chris? (directors)


It was great! It was so easy, they allowed me to be myself and we had a blast. [Sometimes] they bring people on who are comedians to do these roles and they pigeonhole you and make you not funny. They were actually trying to bring out as much funny as possible. I really appreciated it.


Did you work with John Lasseter at all?


Not personally, but when I saw him at the first screening, he gave me a big hug with his little rosy cheeks. Nice guy.


Who is your favorite superhero?


It would have to be Son Goku from “Dragon Ball Z.” I didn’t really get into American comics. I would collect manga when I was like 10 years old. Everyone would be like “I’m superman, I’m batman.” But I would be like “I’m Goku.” They would be like “What? You nerd!”


If you could have a superpower what would it be?


I think to be able to grow my hair at will. Whatever length I want it, just let it come out. Whatever texture I want it too, if I want it afro one day, I can have long silky hair down to my butt the other day, all the ladies would be jealous of me.


What was your favorite animated film growing up?


When I was younger, The Fox and the Hound, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, I loved it because of Robin William’s character. Lion King, I knew all the songs to Lion King.

The film hits theaters this Friday.