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Wilson, unprompted, responds to the ridiculous claims

Last week, a Bleacher Report report (wow, redundant much?) detailed some of the alleged unrest happening in the locker room of the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. In said report, one of the glaring details was confirmed reports of Seahawks players saying they feel as if their star quarterback, Russell Wilson, is too close to the front office, and isn’t “black enough”.

Not black enough? Those three words echoed across the internet all weekend as football fans and analysts alike tried to understand what that means, and more importantly, what relevance it has to Wilson’s play on the field or his attitude off it. Apparently, it also echoed through Wilson’s ears, because he addressed reporters about the report despite not being asked about it.




An appropriate response, especially considering Wilson and the Seahawks have much bigger problems on their hands. They were able to squeeze by the Carolina Panthers last night by a final score of 13-9, thanks to a Russell Wilson touchdown pass with less than a minute left in regulation, but 4-3 is not the record this team expected to have at the midway mark of the season, and if the playoffs were to start today, the Seahawks would be on the outside looking in. They’ve lost one of their biggest offensive weapons, Percy Harvin, to a trade with the New York Jets, and their biggest offensive weapon, Marshawn Lynch, mentally. He nearly didn’t board the team bus after learning of Harvin’s trade, and the latest reports from around the league have Lynch looking for a new team during the offseason if he isn’t traded at the NFL trading deadline, which is tomorrow.