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Malaysia Pargo stars in VH1’s show “Basketball Wives” Los Angeles. We spoke with her exclusively about working on the show. 

How has life been after the wrap of season 3 “Basketball Wives”?

You know, it’s been challenging  for me, this year has been one of  the toughest years I’ve had to endure, with the unfolding of my marriage and the loss of my brother, I’ve pretty much been finding myself and learning how  to be a new independent learning.


Are there any lessons you’ve learned from doing the show?

Over the past three years I’ve learned I’m extremely nice, to the fact where people take my kindness for weakness now I’m nice but I’m not weak, so just the fact of being nice and laid back it bothers people so they try to bother me. I didn’t realize until I was watching myself on TV., and yea my laid back demeanor has some of the girls  figuring that they can walk over me, outtalk me because my voice is soft so they try to take me out of my character. I learned a lot about that.

What inspired the idea behind your jewelry line Three Beats?

It was inspired by my kids. It’s the three beats after my heart I just mirrored some of the things my kids do, I like, my hometown. My family is kind of the inspiration behind it.

How did the idea of being in “Basketball Wives” appeal to you before?

I was very optimistic,  I felt that in the real life of basketball wives we congratulate each other and we help each other out  and communicate with other wives on set that  would give us pointers on things  the this is the pediatrician to go to so I figured it would be like a sisterhood.

How do you feel about it now?

There are some good components to the show, there are some good ladies where I got the sisterhood from, Tanya is not on the show but I still can get some good pointers from her, I learned a lot from Jackie Christie like how to recognize when people smile in your face and are not really for you, so she taught me. There are good and bad components you’re faced with outside of married life.

Will there be a fourth season, and if so would you want to be a part of it?

Oh my gosh, there may be a fourth season and yes I may be open to the idea, I  feel like basketball wives franchise was good to my family so yes I will definitely be open to another season but I cant say if there is a another season just yet.

What inspires you to keep moving forward?

My children and my faith and god I know that god will lead you and take you through it and his caring for something bigger and better so I feel that what happened in my past I’m still here, so it keeps me striving and my kids they look at me and mommy is a big strong hero and she’s going to do it and for the most part I make sure I all the right decisions to show my kindness and true self so my kids know exactly how I am.

How do you stay humbled?

My faith in god, without him I would be nothing, it’s not about the fame the mark and what you leave on the atmosphere so I look to be a friendly person I look to leave that impression to help somebody because we all go through struggles but were all afraid to say. That’s just who I am, and I stay grounded and humbled because I live for that.

Was there a certain message you want to relay to your fans?

I just want to thank my fans for being great supporters because through it all we all know I’m going through a trying yea and there victims that are good support systems for me like “you go girl keep your head up” and all those things and I cherish them all, they mean so much to me.

What is something that you want people to understand about you personally?

I want people to understand that I am nice, not weak. I’m always  the person you are to me. If you’re nice to me I’m nice to you if you’re a b*tch to me I’m b*tch to you.

-Breanna Robinson