The court of public opinion finds Ye guilty every, single, time

When will Ye catch a break? This week alone, his wife was attacked by a notorious prankster, he got relentlessly heckled on Twitter for showing off his, erm, cleavage runway-side at a Paris Fashion Week show, and now, he’s been booed at a Lanvin show. Below is video footage of Kanye being ushered into the Lanvin show–after reportedly showing up 40 minutes late–being booed by the runway photographers. Apparently, the show wasn’t going to begin until Kanye and Kim were safely in their seats, so a 40-minute-late Kimye had antsy and eager patrons restless for just under an hour, prompting the boos.

However, Kanye decided to step over to the hecklers and detail the reason he and his wife were so late.

Alber asked to see us, don’t boo us. Don’t boo us. We’re not late!

As he declared this, he was motioning for the booing to stop, and thought it didn’t subside much, Ye continued to proceed to his seat. You can watch the video footage above.