There’s no way Kanye is sweeping this under the rug

A pretty clear video of Kim Kardashian getting out of the car before a Paris Fashion Week appearance has just been released on TMZ, but there’s a slight problem. Out of nowhere, an unidentified person lunges at her lower body, and appears to make an attempt to tackle her before she made her way into the venue.

There isn’t much information as to what happened down there and why, but the good thing is security was able to step in right away and get Kim and Kanye safely inside.

Kanye doesn’t even like it when people forget to compare Kim to Marilyn Monroe, imagine how he’ll react when he finds out somebody tried to put their hands on her. It won’t be pretty. You can watch further video of what went down here.

UPDATE: It appears that the culprit was the notorious tackler of any-celebrity-he-can-get-close-enough-to, Vitalii Sediuk. Not surprising at all.