Because yelling curse words in crowded rooms is FROWNED UPON, in this ESTABLISHMENT

Jameis Winston was accused of sexual assault about a year ago, and despite being acquitted of all charges, unfortunately, no one will ever forget that off-field blemish. That being said, the youngest player to ever win the Heisman Trophy has little room for error, and his head coach, Jimbo Fisher, wants to make sure he fully understands that.

So, getting up on a table in a crowded room on campus and yelling “F**k her right in her p***y” isn’t the best course of action. Way too soon, Jameis.

Clearly, Fisher felt the same way, as he’s suspended Winston for the first half of Florida State’s Saturday night game against Clemson, a formidable opponent.  Clemson is ranked #22 in the country, and with Winston out for the entire first half, there’s a chance that they could grab control of the game as they attempt to defeat the current #1 team in the country, the Florida Seminoles.

Fisher had this to say about his decision:

You can’t make certain statements that are derogatory or inflammatory to any person, race or gender. You have to understand that. You have to be very intelligent about what you say, (because) it matters.

Winston will enter Saturday night’s game in the 3rd quarter with a clear understanding–hopefully–of how to avoid this next time.

For the record, Winston was imitating this infamous incident, in which a random man interrupted a news report by screaming the same words into the camera, on live television.