As the saying goes, “Health is wealth,” and why not have fun while being healthy. We linked up with our go to spot with all things fun, healthy and blasting with energy, Soulcycle to find out what one of the most energetic instructors, Taye J. is playing. Now make no mistake, Taye is not your ordinary spin class instructor, full of tunes to get you going and non-stop flowing of cycling she’s your go to girl for style, night spots and music. See what she has in HEAVY ROTATION and get ready for a great playlist to get your morning started.

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Name || Taye J (Taye Johnson)

Workspace || Soulcycle NYC

Your Favorite Spot || Soho, NYC, it’s the pulse of the city.

Party Starter || Anything that Beyonce makes the crowd go wild.

Links || Twitter Mz_TayeJay Instagram || Taye_Jay Website ||

Tatiana’s on Twitter (@TatianaTot) making this her new semi-workout playlist.