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We got the chance to sit down Ms. Hart as she dished on her new show “Atlanta Exes,” her comedy career, her skimpy mixer, her chemistry with her cast & the “Hollywood Exes” cast, and so much more.

Check Out Our Exclusive Interview Below:

Congratulations on your new show Atlanta Exes, what was the chemistry like between you & the rest of the ladies?

Torrei Hart: Oh, thank you. Oh the chemistry is really good, I actually bonded with the ladies very well and we had a lot of fun. It was a lot of laughs and a lot of growth. It was an overall great feeling and we all have a lot in common so it was something that brought us together so it was a good experience.


Since, this is a spinoff of Hollywood Exes, how is the chemistry between your cast and the Hollywood cast? 

T.H.: We went to out to dinner one time and we went with Sheree F. and Shamicka but they were really cool, they were really down to earth. I’m actually friends with Sheree F. & Shamicka so the other girls came from Atlanta to meet them. The other ladies I never met, Jessica I never met, I never met Drea, Mayte I never met her. Shanna’s cool, I’ve met her a few times. The ladies are fine, there’s no hate at least on my part anyway. There’s no nothing, it’s kind of like bonding and I think that we all have been in the same situations – you have that unspoken bond. We all get each other.

Last time, we spoke we were talking about your comedy, how is that?

T.H.: Ohh, it’s actually going good. I’m still doing my videos my YouTube “Pretty Funny Fish” is going really good, I’m actually creating some content for Russell Simmons. I have been doing a lot of writing lately for stand up and getting back on the stage. That itch is there and it’s coming back. So that might be something that happens.

Who on the show did you form a bond with?

T.H.: I would say have to say Christina and Sheree but me & Tameka we also have a bond. She’s like a big sister kind of we get into an argument but everything works out like that was our dynamic but for the most part the person I hung out the most was Sheree.

What can fans expect from the show?

T.H.: Well you could expect a lot of laughs not to mention seeing a lot of growth. Fans can identify with each one of us cause we all have very unique stories inside of us the similar stories with us being married to men that are very famous and just growth. Like I said,you’re not going to see what you see on these other shows and you’re not going to get that. You will see women actually sticking together and it will inspire women to stop hating and stop being catty and that you can have a sisterhood.

Congratulations on your mixer, do you plan on having more flavors?

T.H.: Well, you know, I came up with the cherry lime flavor, the actual company with I partnered with Skimpy, they have five other flavors. When I partnered with them I wanted to create my own so the cherry lime one, my distinct signature which me and my kids help me taste test and it was something that we created together, which is a beautiful thing. You know, maybe in the future we’ll see, but right now that’s my baby. So I’m really focused on that flavor and getting that flavor to the world and letting women see it’s low calorie. It’s only 20 calories per serving and you can have a great tasting mixer without putting on the calories, so that’s what I’m going to stay focus on.

Congratulations on all your success, is there anything else that you are working on?

T.H.: Yeah, I actually co-wrote, executived produce, produced and starred in a short film called A Victim Of Circumstance.  It was a piece that is dear to me because me and the director are both from Philadelphia. There was a lot of violence and a lot of murder going on and we wanted to do a story, where even though you come from a certain area, you can overcome anything as long as you stay positive and stay focused. So that was the message behind that piece and overcoming obstacles. We actually won several awards for the film and it really did good on the film circuit. We actually had several producers come to us about turning the short piece into a feature length film so that’s something that’s in the works.

You can check her out on Atlanta Exes every Monday night at 9:30 pm on VH1 and if you want to know more about this lady, check out her website. 

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)