Phillip Buchanon has taken a page out of Frank Sinatra’s book—he’s doing it his way!

In doing so, the veteran corner recently launched his newly formed OctoCanon brand. A ten year NFL veteran, Buchanon was drafted by the Oakland Raiders with the 17th overall pick in the 2002 NFL Draft. The cornerback spent three seasons with the team before being traded to the Houston Texans. He later played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Detroit Lions and the Washington Redskins and in 121 career games, he’s registered 388 tackles.

His interest in the comic book world peaked after attending the 45th annual San Diego Comic-Con International, the best-known national convention of comic book fans, earlier this year.

Soon thereafter, he formed OctoCanon, whose focus is comic books and graphic novels. He plans on launching a game-changing app and currently, the company is working to establish itself as a competitive and innovative brand with several high-profile projects under its belt. The first, New Money, is a comic book series embodying the mantra “all dollars and no sense.” The story follows the lives of several professional athletes and entertainers after getting signed to extremely lucrative contracts.

Elements of the series are based loosely on Buchanon’s own life after signing his multi-million dollar NFL contract. It’s a spin-off of his novel, New Money: Staying Rich, which will be released in December. The book will give readers insight into his life as an NFL player, including encounters with high profile celebrities such as Jay-Z.

“I’m working on a lot of different things,” Buchanon told News-Press earlier this month. “Don’t be surprised if this is just the first of many different things I’ll be doing. It’s crazy how I got started.”

His other series, The Supernals Experiment, a graphic novel that rivals X-Men and other Marvel Comics. The monthly five-issue series tells the story of special needs children that were case studies of a talented and renegade scientist. After healing their disabilities, the scientist gave them powers, making them primary targets for a ruthless organization bent on controlling them.

The first issue is currently available on the comic site Comixology. The next four issues will be available beginning in September.

Buchanon was a member of the 2001 National Champion Miami Hurricanes—a team ranked by ESPN as one of the top ten college football teams of all time. The team finished with a perfect 12-0 record (7-0 in the Big East Conference). As a member of the Hurricanes, the former All-American was teammates with Jeremey Shockey and Ed Reed; Buchanon registered eight tackles, seven interceptions and 32 punt returns for 477 yards and nine touchdowns as a returner.

Buchanon has not played football since 2011, transitioning from the turf to the business world seems to be seamless. His business strategy has gotten the respect of execs like SMH Records co-founder Mike Smith. “Everybody needs to keep an eye on all things Phillip Buchanon,” Smith tells The Source. “He’s a superstar in the business world.”

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Another brainchild of the OctoCanon brand is the Tappish app. Hailed as a mix of Instagram and Hot-or-Not, the application allows users to receive feedback in real time on any topic they choose. Users simply create match ups and wait for others to tap and vote. The app is currently public and in its beta phase, however, it is still available on iTunes and Google Play. “All of the products I’ve seen from OctoCanon have serious potential to dominate the marketplace. I’ve owned many software companies and I recognize that this Tappish app could be a juggernaut,” said Smith.