We caught up with Taye Diggs to chat about his love of football, appearing on “The Good Wife,” Vine and more. 

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend a fun event with actor Taye Diggs at MetLife Stadium as Duracell ​l​aunched its new NFL campaign revealing its power behind game day through an interactive tour at MetLife Stadium on August 27, 2014. ​ ​Diggs and New York Giants Jon Beason gave a behind-the-scenes​ ​tour ​showing how Duracell powers the NFL with more than 650 Duracell Quantum batteries per game​ ​from the national anthem to the game-winning play call!

We are having fun at the event today.

T: It was fun, I love how they took the idea of showing everybody how much the NFL depends on Duracell Quantum to power … that they exemplified Duracell on field, I really had a good time at that, it is kind of like a young man’s dream to be actually out there on the green and then when they kind of demonstrated how loud the crowd is. It’s kind of like a fantasy kind of thing.

Why did you choose to get involved with the event today?

T: To be honest, it was the fact they had this setting. I heard about the opportunity to actually come out on the field and try to look at the jumbotron, put on the helmets and to actually see outside and with Duracell Quantum, it was really interesting to find out how important they are in the game, to see the speakers and the helmets. I actually learned a lot today. The batteries that power the game, the coaches talking to the coaches, the coaches talking to the players, and just how different the game would be if the technology wasn’t powered by Duracell Quantum.

Do you watch football on the regular?

T: Yeah.

So what’s your favorite team?

T: The Giants, of course but I’m also just a fan of the sport. Whenever I have the opportunity to meet an actual athlete, the gladiators, it is crazy what they do day in and day out, you know what I mean?

Do you have any favorite football players?

T: Beason and Cruz. Again, these people with their cat-like reflexes, it just trips me out. You know the San Francisco 49ers … they are amazing to watch.

You are guest starring on “The Good Wife,” can you tell me more about it?

T: Sure, I come in, I’m a lawyer that comes in on the scene that kind of shakes things up a bit, I’m having a great time, they run a really really tight ship over there. It’s been fun working in New York being able to work and then come home from work and be in New York City. So I am going to finish up this summer and then figure out what the next thing is.

How has it been working with Julianna Margulies?

T: Oh great, she just won an Emmy so tomorrow, I will go to work and congratulate her.

That’s amazing. So you have been geting a lot of buzz about your vines and how funny they are, where do you come up with these ideas?

T: I am crazy and the vines give me an excuse to see how crazy I am (Laughs). Yeah it sounds silly but I actually sometimes forget that other people watch it. I replay it for myself and just laugh at how stupid I am, but it’s fun. (Laughs) It’s fun.

You are reprising your role as Harper for the sequel of “The Best Man Holiday,” how exciting is that?

T: Yeah I am very excited. I heard that we are going to be shooting on a very sunny location so … I don’t know if its going to be the Caribbean or Mexico but I am excited about that. It’s always fun to get the old crew back together.

You went to the VMA’s, right?

T: Did you see the dress? Could you see that it was a dress? (laughs)

-Alimah Seriki